Allen Chao disapproved of Mark Chao’s romance with Gao Yuanyuan

Mark Chao, Gao Yuanyuan

Barely a month after they shot their wedding photos in Paris, Taiwanese actor Mark Chao and Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan tied the knot in Beijing last Thursday. Although the couple has now found their happy ending, it was also revealed that Mark’s father, Allen Chao, had disapproved of their union at first.

Mark and Yuanyuan began dating after they collaborated in 2012 movie Caught in the Web together. The couple has been extremely open and high-profile throughout the course of their relationship, unabashedly showing their happiness to the world.

However, rumour has it that when Allen knew of their relationship, he had been extremely against it. Not only was it a May-December relationship (Mark Chao is 29 years old, while Yuanyuan is 34 years old), he was also worried that Yuanyuan’s Chinese nationality meant that the couple would have a cultural gap.

Also, since the couple was not clear about each other’s family situation, their marriage could potentially run into a lot of problems.

In order to prove that she truly loves Mark, Yuanyuan worked hard to look good in his family’s eyes. In the end, her new father-in-law was won over and even praised her for being well-educated and good-mannered.

The newlyweds have registered their marriage in Beijing, and have bought a house in Taipei. Yuanyuan will be settling down in Taiwan, and the couple is expected to hold a banquet later this year.

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Allen Chao

Allen Chao

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