Alan Tam goes on a dinner date with mistress

Alan Tam

Hong Kong veteran singer-actor Alan Tam and his mistress, Wendy Chu, were recently spotted dining with a friend together.

The couple can be often seen attending dinner functions, playing badminton together, or at family outings with their son, Tam Hiu Fung.

Earlier, Alan and Wendy were seen enjoying dinner with a friend in Central Hong Kong. Wendy was seated in a corner and left with their friend first. When Alan spotted the reporters while he was leaving later, he even playfully waved at the camera.

The 63-year-old has been maintaining a clandestine relationship with Wendy for twenty years. He secretly married his wife, Sally Yeung, in 1981 – the marriage was only discovered in 1993, when Alan’s name appeared on Sally’s deceased father’s obituary.

However, the star fell in love with his fan, Wendy, soon after that. Although the latter even bore him a son, Tam Hiu Fung, Alan only revealed of mother-and-son’s existence when his father passed away in 2006.

In recent years, Sally has been devoted to Buddhism and rarely appears in public. On the contrary, Wendy has taken over Sally’s spot at Alan’s side, and is receiving an increasing amount of respect and adoration from him.

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