Aimee Chan denies abandoning cats

Aimee Chan

Hong Kong actress Aimee Chan was recently chided by angry netizens after she revealed that that she gave away her three cats – that she had been raising for six years – to a friend after her pregnancy.

Although Aimee, 33, expressed that her actions stemmed out of worry that her child would contract asthma after inhaling cat fur, she was slammed for being irresponsible and disrespectful towards life; a renowned veterinarian even called her selfish and ignorant.

Yesterday, the actress tried to clarify matters while attending an event. She claimed that in reality, the reason why she gave her cats away to her friend was not because of her son, but her allergy to cats.

She had been taking anti-histamines for the past six years just so she could continue raising her pet felines, but that’s no longer possible: “Because I’m breastfeeding now, I can’t eat medicine. If I eat medicine, they will enter my breast milk and affect the baby when he drinks my milk.”

Aimee confidently added that once the baby stops breastfeeding, she will immediately bring the cats back home, as she feels that keeping a pet and maintaining a marriage is one and the same – a lifelong responsibility. She also emphasised that she never once thought of abandoning her cats.

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