Aaron Yan closes Weibo account

Aaron Yan

Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan deleted his Weibo account, which is watched by 16 million fans, on June 19.

The 27-year-old Fahrenheit member was lauded as a “flower boy” for his feminine good looks, attracting a large number of fans. However, popularity isn’t everything – plagued by negative comments on his Weibo account, the singer deleted his account in a rage on June 19.

He explained his actions on Facebook, claiming that “the air is so bad [that he] can’t stand it”. The star added that he had been thinking about stopping the use of Weibo for a long time, because people often post emotional comments on his posts and publicise his private messages.

These actions made him feel extremely disrespected and helpless at the same time – as the offenders are not even from the media, but his fans.

In the Facebook post, Aaron wrote, “Do I have to act dumb about your emotional comments? When I reply emotionally, it’s targeted at the emotions [that you injected into your comments], but [you] publicise everything to everyone as if [I’m] addressing them.”

“Some people are obviously trying to rile me up and exaggerate my words. When there’s so much emotion and abusive [words] in the comments, how much more [pain] do you think I endure?”

At the same time, Aaron speculated if some fans truly love him, or want to harm him. He wrote that he was experiencing a lot of heartache, but could do and say nothing about the situation.

At the end, he lamented that his privacy had already been invaded: “People who do not know how to respect the word ‘privacy’ [and] publicise [messages] as and how they like – what is there to trust about [their] behaviour? [Their] motives are questionable.”

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