Aaron Kwok romantically linked to HK girl group

Aaron Kwok, Super Girls

At an event two months ago, 48-year-old Aaron Kwok reportedly approached a girl group called Super Girls backstage and offered them an opportunity to star in his music video and upcoming musical.

Known for their sexy image, Super Girls is made up of five model-turned-singers who claimed to be “Hong Kong’s Girls’ Generation”.

According to a Hong Kong magazine, Aaron recently brought along the ladies to a private party hosted by Shen Jiawei, founder of luxurious fashion company I.T. Other attendees of the event include Julian Cheung, Niki Chow and Janice Man.

As most of the guests are A-listers in the industry, many believe that Super Girls were invited to the party due to Aaron’s connections. That night, the heavenly king mingled with the group throughout the event, happily dancing and snapping self-portraits while getting half-intoxicated.

In response to rumours about his relationship with members of Super Girls, Aaron posted a picture that he took with Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet on his microblog yesterday. He wrote: “Kate: You’re so pitiful, Aaron! You got defamed again. Aaron: I’m used to it. I give my best in my work. As for stories made up to discredit me, I’ll just laugh them off, even though I feel helpless.”

“Kate: Why are you so kind? Aaron: I’ve always been kind. Way to go!” he continued. 

Meanwhile, Super Girls’ agency has also released a statement saying that the quintet was invited to the party by a client and that their interactions with Aaron were purely “social etiquette”.

Aaron Kwok, Super Girls

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