A painful 23rd birthday for Kai Ko

Kai Ko

The breakup of Taiwanese celebrity couple Elva Hsiao and Kai Ko has been the talk of the town recently. Amid his two-timing scandal, the You Are the Apple of My Eye star celebrated his 23rd birthday on Wednesday (Jun 18).

Sharing his thoughts on Instagram, Kai wrote: “It’s a painful and insightful birthday this year. I’m upset, but I will treasure everything I have. I was serious, I worked hard and I put in effort. I just hope that we can leave the 22-year-old boy behind.”

“There are times when I am childish, so I wish to improve. I’m not sure if I would be able to handle all issues with maturity in future, but I’d continue to use a sincere heart to face everything,” he added.

The actor also expressed his gratitude for the concern and encouragement showered upon him, saying that he would humbly accept all criticisms and attacks. “I’ve learned a harsh lesson. I don’t know if I can stride proudly ahead like I used to, but at least we’ve all grown from this,” said Kai.

During Kai’s birthdays in the past, Elva had been the one throwing parties for her young beau. This year, however, the actor reportedly did not have any big celebration though he took the day off work.

To date, Elva has yet to comment on the breakup.

Elva Hsiao

Kai Ko

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