A-Mei’s boyfriend’s drunken stupor stirs criticism


Taiwanese diva A-Mei’s boyfriend Sam was recently seen lashing out at the singer in his club, after having too many drinks. The songstress was entertaining the customers when her boyfriend suddenly started shouting at her: “Zhang Hui Mei, who do you think you are!”

Despite his actions, A-Mei continued to stay beside the drunken Sam to take care of him. When the 41-year-old eventually decided to leave the scene, Sam allegedly chased after her and yelled: “I’ve had enough of you, damn Zhang Hui Mei!”

However, an insider later told a different side of the story regarding the happenings that night. Exhausted by the lack of rest, A-Mei had gone home without informing Sam, who apparently got into a dispute with a bartender under the influence of alcohol. The insider also claimed that Sam was too drunk to run after the songstress.

Meanwhile, rumours are rife that A-Mei has been financially supporting her beau by paying for his apartment, buying him a sports car and forking out money to invest in his club. After reports were published, many fans berated Sam’s behaviour and rallied for the couple, who has been dating for three years, to break up.

A-Mei Sam

A-Mei’s boyfriend, Sam.

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