A-Mei, Show Luo and Rainie Yang join Universal Music

Show Luo, A-Mei, Rainie Yang

Universal Music Group is set to make big money as exalted Taiwanese singers A-Mei, Show Luo and Rainie Yang join the company.

On Monday, EMI Records, a subsidiary of Universal Music, spent a hefty NT$5 million (approximately S$210,000) to hold a press conference in Taiwan, announcing that A-Mei, Show and Rainie would be joining the company. The three artistes are estimated to earn NT$10 billion (approximately S$4.1 billion) for the company every year.

According to reports, as the three artistes are all extremely popular, all staff had to sign a secrecy pact to prevent news of the stars’ contracts with the company from spreading. Show joked, “[It was] so secretive that [I] didn’t even dare to tell my mother.”

An insider revealed that A-Mei will be taking the role of “Branding Director” in the company, and was in charge of signing both Show and Rainie. When asked if she would invite old flame Wang Lee Hom to join her too, she replied, “[It] seems like a pretty good [idea].”

Additionally, A-Mei’s 17th album, which is set for release this month, was found to have been leaked by China Mobile and all 11 songs and lyrics are available for perusal online.

Her manager, Chen Zhenchuan, angrily expressed: “[We’ll] sue if we have to. A-Mei will die of anger.”

At the same time, as A-Mei’s new songs, such as ‘Booty Call’, all have titles and lyrics with sexual themes, Chinese fans are worried that her album might be banned in China.

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