A-Mei releases album two days ahead of schedule


On Jun 30, all 11 tracks from Taiwanese diva A-Mei’s new album Faces of Paranoia were leaked on a Chinese website called “Migu Music” and were available for free download. After the website was flagged, most of the songs were taken down that night.

It was later discovered that the factory which manufactured the album was responsible for the leak. As a result, A-Mei’s company, Mei Entertainment Ltd, decided to release the album yesterday (Jul 2), two days ahead of the scheduled date. The company will also be suing the factory for breaching the contract.

A statement was released on A-Mei’s official Facebook page yesterday afternoon. It read: “We hope that everyone will not listen to the new songs online which are of bad audio quality. It is heartbreaking to see the work that A-Mei has painstakingly produced being leaked like that, and thus we have decided to launch the album today.”

Sources also revealed that though A-Mei completed the recording a long time ago, the release date was postponed time and again as the singer, who has high standards for herself, repeatedly made revisions to her imaging and album cover. After learning that her prized product was illegally circulated, the songstress was said to be extremely upset and frustrated.

In other news, the next half of the year will see an exciting series of comebacks in the Mandopop scene. Following A-Mei’s return, Jay Chou is slated to release his new album in September, while Jolin Tsai and Lee Hom will join the party in October and November respectively.


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