A first glimpse at Moses Chan’s son

Moses Chan, Aimee Chan, Aiden Chan

Hong Kong stars Moses Chan and Aimee Chan’s son, Aiden Chan’s frontal shot was exposed to the public for the first time recently.

Since he was born on December 4 last year, no one has caught a proper glimpse of Aiden’s face, as only the baby’s side profile and hands have been revealed. Moses earlier made a promise to post a family photo including his son, but that has not been realised.

On June 10, reporters finally managed to snap photos of Aiden when the Chan family was out together. 7-month-old Aiden – whom his father has often praised to be very handsome – was chubby, and had Moses’ nose and Aimee’s eyes.

Additionally, due to her inexperience as a first-time mother, Aimee has developed fasciitis in her arm after carrying Aiden for long periods of time. As such, she has to wear an arm cast to secure the placement of her wrist and elbow, lessen the pain and prevent the illness from getting worse. The actress also has to make frequent visits to a bone-setter.

According to an insider, Aimee loves her son very much and can’t bear to be away from him for even a moment. Most of the time, she feeds, changes and bathes Aiden all by herself.

As she can’t bear it when the baby cries, she would pick him up immediately to coax him. Aiden is also very clingy to his mother, so she will not be carrying him less just because of the pain in her arm.

While Aimee originally intended to breastfeed for six months, she has decided to do so for one year instead, indefinitely postponing her comeback.

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Aimee Chan, Aiden Chan

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