A-Do talks about girlfriend of more than 10 years


Singaporean Mandopop singer A-Do finally spoke up about his girlfriend, whom he has been dating for over 10 years.

The 41-year-old appeared at newbie singer Kenny Khoo’s press conference for the launch of his new album Ten Storeys in Taiwan two days ago, expressing his support for the fellow Singaporean artiste. At the event, he also publicly announced that his girlfriend is actually Kenny’s aunt.

It is known that he has been together with his girlfriend before he debuted. When he became a singer, she found a job in his company as well, and the pair has been in a stable relationship since then.

A-Do stepped back from the limelight following the release of his last album, Fear No More, in 2010, and only announced his comeback last year.

Last year he admitted that he had been suffering from depression, and thus did not dare to appear in crowded places nor speak up. During severe bouts of his illness, he even had to depend on medication to stabilise his condition.

Thankful to his girlfriend for her encouragement, he added that her mother also treated him well and it was because of their support that he managed to recover.

At the press conference, Kenny said he hoped A-Do and his aunt would tie the knot soon and have a ‘Baby A-Do’.

In fact, A-Do’s girlfriend was said to be at the press conference as well, but as she wanted to maintain a low profile, she kept quiet and stayed away from the cameras.

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