2moro’s Angus Guo spends $140,000 on wedding

Angus Guo, Luo Yuting

Following his twin brother, Anthony Guo’s marriage in December last year, Angus Guo married his 27-year-old girlfriend, Luo Yuting, in an elaborate affair held at the Forbidden City on Saturday.

The 34-year-old spent a hefty sum of TW$3.45 million (approximately S$140,000) on the 60 tables at their wedding banquet.

Angus revealed that he had suffered from imsomnia for days in order to prepare for the event. On the day of the wedding, he had to get up at 4:30am in the morning to prepare.

He recalled how he and Yuting were so overwhelmed that they couldn’t help crying as they greeted their parents: “Tingting’s (Yuting) family really dotes on her. I told them that in the future, there will be one more person to love and protect her.”

His high regard for his in-laws not only shines through his words, but his actions as well. Angus decorated the banquet hall in full red, according to Chinese tradition and the wishes of his in-laws.

For the banquet, Yuting adorned a pretty wedding dress that was modest in front and revealing behind, displaying her elegant poise. However, her rounder-looking face raised suspicions that she was already pregnant.

Angus came to her rescue, shooting down the rumours: “[She’s not pregnant] yet, but I really want to have kids quickly.”

Additionally, many invited guests did not turn up for the banquet, putting a dampener on things. Popular hosts Jacky Wu and Zeng Guocheng were conspicuously missing; Anthony and the twins’ godmother, Pauline Lan, were also unable to make it due to their busy schedules.

Angus didn’t mind, however: “They recorded a VCR to offer their blessings, what’s important in a wedding is to leave the bride with everlasting memories.”

Besides, his brother has already promised him adequate compensation: “I talked this over with my brother (Anthony) in September; he said he would make it up to me by paying for my new house’s renovations.”

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