120 celebrities suspected to be involved in drug case

Jaycee Chan

According to Chinese media, the Beijing police suspect that there are at least 120 celebrities who are embroiled in the drug case involving Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan, due to the latter’s wide circle of friends in showbiz and the second generation of the rich. Investigations are being carried out to track down all artistes related to this drug case.

More than 100g of marijuana, which can be made into 250 sticks of cannabis cigarettes, were seized at Jaycee’s residence last Tuesday. A gift from Jackie Chan to his son, the luxurious apartment often housed parties thrown by Jaycee.

Recent reports claimed that there were two other people, known as “W” and “H”, who were caught at the scene. Rumours are rife that “W” refers to Wang Shuo, a billionaire heir who comes from a prominent family background in China. It is believed that news of his arrest has been played down due to his family’s influence.

Meanwhile, “H” has been widely speculated to be Chinese singer-actress Han Xue, the granddaughter of a Senior General. However, the 31-year-old denied the claims via Weibo and reprimanded the people who have been spreading the malicious rumours.

Jaycee Chan, Wang Shuo

Jaycee Chan and Wang Shuo.

Han Xue

Chinese singer-actress Han Xue

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